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Roxen Roamer connects the reporter on the field to the Roxen Editorial Portal, allowing instant access to the editorial system from anywhere in the world. Empower Users. Keep speed and productivity in focus. Each employee sees the big picture and is empowered to take greater part in and responsibility for content creation and publishing.


This is the where you find the online documentation for Roxen WebServer 2.0, besides the one shipped in the distribution. Browse 2.0 documentation online This is the where you find the online documentation for Roxen Challenger 1.3, predecessor to Roxen WebServer, besides the one shipped in the distribution.

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Roxen (band)

Roxen (Urdu: روظن, literal English translation: "hope") is a Pakistani rock band from Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. The band had a debut studio album Rozen-e-Deewar , released in 2006. Following this, the band had singles Toh Phir Ao and Tera Mera Rishta which featured as soundtracks for the Bollywood movie Awarapan in 2007.

Roxen – Enterprise CMS

Roxen CMS is a powerful and versatile Content Management System for production, distribution, deployment and maintenance of internal and external web sites. It is a user-friendly product that greatly simplifies web publishing and administration tasks for the whole organization.


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Roxen is a medium-sized lake in south central Sweden, east of lake Vättern, part of the waterpath Motala ström and the Göta Canal.South of lake Roxen is the city Linköping.

Roxen (web server)

Roxen is a free software web server produced by Roxen Internet Software, a company based in Linköping, Sweden and named after the nearby lake Roxen. It is released under the GNU General Public License. Roxen originally appeared as Spinner in the mid s and is written in uLPC or Pike.


you to move or create a copy of, or cut and paste elements on any Roxen page you have permission to edit. The clipboard keeps a cut element until it is pasted, and a copied element until you clear the clipboard, or until you log out. OIT Web infrastructure frequently adds or modifies Roxen components based on your requests and feedback.


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